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September 27, 2011

Recently I updated our Search Engine Optimization page to include some recent ranking’s that we’ve been able to achieve for some clients of ours. With our experience and work ethic we’ve been able to get rankings and increase organic traffic for all of our clients. If you’d like to know how we can increase your website rankings, traffic and sales then please contact us.

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November 29, 2010

(You really want to avoid taking these kind of emails seriously.)

If you have, or are considering exchanging links with someone that has contacted you via email for SEO purposes, then this is a must read post.

Everyday we get emails from other “webmasters” or “SEOS” wishing to exchange links with one of our many websites. The reason why they’re doing this is because they want to build back links into their website to improve their own Search Engine rankings. Now if you are not already aware, incoming links into your website play a vital role in search engine optimization and how your website is positioned in the search engine rankings. There are a couple of reasons for this, for example if you have two websites, both with quality content, both are equally optimized, then the only way to tell which site is of higher quality is by the number of incoming links. Remember Google wants to provide the BEST result to their customers. Each link is like a vote coming into your website, but not all links are equal.

You can determine the value of a link by checking the page rank of the page that you are trying to acquire a link from. Page Rank is determined by the number of incoming links, websites content, and traffic. Websites with a high page rank are considered authority websites and a link by them is definitely going to boost your own websites value. Also when looking to build links you need to be aware of the ratio of incoming to external links is. If there is an excessive amount of external links on the website then the value of the link decreases.


November 8, 2010

We’veĀ  just put up our new Search Engine Optimization + Internet Marketing plans on our SEO Marketing page. This is to help easily break down what we can do and for what price. Although these plans are not “one size fits all” it should give potential new clients an idea of what we’re able to offer for their business. So take a look and let us know what you think!

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August 30, 2010

Today I met with some clients that weren’t sure whether to dedicate their budget to 100% PPC (pay-per-click advertising) or balance it with some healthy Search Engine Optimization. My answer is nearly always you need both. PPC contributes to SEO and also brings in potential clients that would otherwise not be reachable. And SEO can lower the cost of your PPC campaign (improving your AdWords quality score).



August 3, 2010

For as long as there have been search engines, there has been SEO (search engine optimization). SEOs are people who try to manipulate the free organic search engine results for their website by performing different techniques both on their website and off their website. The sole reason to performing search engine optimization is to achieve higher free organic rankings and to get more exposure for a particular website. A whole industry has developed around this process, and there are various SEO companies of all sizes throughout the world.


July 27, 2010

We have just added a new SEO case study about our work done for IT Ready. To see what Marketing Bangkok can do for your business please read this new case study by visiting our SEO marketing page. Stay turned for more case studies coming soon! If you have any questions regarding your website or SEO please get in touch with us for a free website analysis and consultation!


July 19, 2010

The only thing better than one search result in the top 3 positions in Google is two search results from a double ranking. This SEO tip works by pushing a competitor off the first page, broadening your websites keyword funnel and thereby doubling traffic and conversions.

Two Results are Better than One

I read somewhere that 87% of search engine traffic for a given keyword is allocated from occupying the Number 1 position in the search engine results page. If you understand SEO, then this post will share a quick method to double your SERP positions and to improve the likelihood of keyword conversions – once you have reached the Mecca for a specific search term.



April 20, 2010

Google lists results of all searches in order of relevance to the search words. How do you become relevant? It’s no use being number nine hundred in order of relevance if people searching Google only look at the first ten or twenty listed. It’s no use having the best looking website if no one sees it. (more…)


April 17, 2010

Last week’s post about load speeds on Google’s Official Webmaster Central Blog finally confirmed the rumors which have abounded across the SEO sector for months – that Google now factors a site’s load-speed when assessing its search ranking. (more…)


April 10, 2010

Don’t overlook your inbound linking strategy as you think about search engine optimization for your site. An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another web site. The one constant and reliable strategy in search engine optimization is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages. (more…)