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September 27, 2011

Recently I updated our Search Engine Optimization page to include some recent ranking’s that we’ve been able to achieve for some clients of ours. With our experience and work ethic we’ve been able to get rankings and increase organic traffic for all of our clients. If you’d like to know how we can increase your website rankings, traffic and sales then please contact us.

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August 3, 2010

For as long as there have been search engines, there has been SEO (search engine optimization). SEOs are people who try to manipulate the free organic search engine results for their website by performing different techniques both on their website and off their website. The sole reason to performing search engine optimization is to achieve higher free organic rankings and to get more exposure for a particular website. A whole industry has developed around this process, and there are various SEO companies of all sizes throughout the world.


July 19, 2010

The only thing better than one search result in the top 3 positions in Google is two search results from a double ranking. This SEO tip works by pushing a competitor off the first page, broadening your websites keyword funnel and thereby doubling traffic and conversions.

Two Results are Better than One

I read somewhere that 87% of search engine traffic for a given keyword is allocated from occupying the Number 1 position in the search engine results page. If you understand SEO, then this post will share a quick method to double your SERP positions and to improve the likelihood of keyword conversions – once you have reached the Mecca for a specific search term.



April 20, 2010

Google lists results of all searches in order of relevance to the search words. How do you become relevant? It’s no use being number nine hundred in order of relevance if people searching Google only look at the first ten or twenty listed. It’s no use having the best looking website if no one sees it. (more…)


April 17, 2010

Last week’s post about load speeds on Google’s Official Webmaster Central Blog finally confirmed the rumors which have abounded across the SEO sector for months – that Google now factors a site’s load-speed when assessing its search ranking. (more…)


April 10, 2010

Don’t overlook your inbound linking strategy as you think about search engine optimization for your site. An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another web site. The one constant and reliable strategy in search engine optimization is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages. (more…)


April 9, 2010

Last year, we saw the emergence of the technology PubSubHubbub, which provides real-time notifications to subscribers of content when there is new content or updates being made. There has recently been talk about Google developing a system that would use this technology it its indexing process.

In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts spoke with WebProNews about this, among other things: (more…)


April 8, 2010

The buzz is growing about Web 3.0, but as usual you have to filter out all the hype, self-serving PR, old-fashioned nonsense, newfangled marketing verbiage and other noise. You will then find a few facts that you can grab onto and try to figure out what’s going on. The first thing to remember is that, like “Web 2.0,” the term Web 3.0 is not an official term of any sort, does not represent any particular protocol or standard, belongs to no one – and is used, misused and made nearly meaningless by everybody. It is, quite simply, just an arbitrary “version number” that, at most, describes how the Internet is built and how it delivers services, at least as of the freeze-framed moment in time that represents the end of 2.0 and the start of 3.0. (more…)


April 7, 2010

Google recently introduced us to Real Time Search and this has been met with a lot of questions. What Tweets will show up in real time? How will this affect businesses who are, and those who are not, engaging in social media? How will it affect PPC? Where will the searches show up? The biggest question is what impact will this have on small business? Small business owners are met with limited resources and adding any additional hours into their day is nearly impossible. But can a small business ignore real time search? (more…)


April 6, 2010

One piece of ‘new media jargon’ that has got the vast majority of business leaders confused is SEO (search engine optimization). Too many people have been charged too much for either inappropriate or ineffective SEO services, often because the supplier does not really understand it either. This two part article is for people who are not experienced or very knowledgeable when it comes to SEO – defining what it is and what it can do.

The introduction and first five steps to SEO heaven discussed how to get a website ready for an SEO campaign. In part two (steps 6 to 11), we’ll explore the continuous and competitive process of earning a high search engine ranking for a SEO prepared website. (more…)