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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Bangkok, Thailand

Marketing Bangkok is a small but highly successful SEO company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our team comprises of young professionals with years of experience in website development and search engine optimization. Over the past couple of years we have handled the internet marketing and search engine optimization efforts of many companies throughout Thailand. Because of the great results we're able to produce, word has quickly spread and our client base is continuously growing.

There are many reasons why Marketing Bangkok is the best choice,

By hiring us to take command of your search engine & internet marketing efforts, we will help you get more business from your website, guaranteed! Potential clients will be able to find your business more easily when they search for keywords that relate to your business. Take a look at our plans below and get in touch with us today!

Results We Can Get For You Too!

Unlike many other competing SEO companies in Thailand, we have a very solid track record where we've been able to get high rankings for clients of all industries. Should you choose us to do your SEO campaign you can be sure based on previous recorded history that we can get the same great results for you too! Simply contact us today too see how we can help with your online marketing efforts.

See below for screenshots and information on how through our effective Search Engine Optimization campaigns we've been able to get high rankings for our clients.

Keyword Phrase Positions
Computer Support Bangkok 1st, 2nd & 5th
Computer Repair Bangkok 1st 3rd & 10th
Laptop Repair Bangkok 1st & 4th
IT Support Bangkok 1st & 6th
iPhone Repair Bangkok 1st & 2nd
MacBook Repair Bangkok 2nd
iMac Repair Bangkok 1st & 2nd
Above is an example of how a long-term SEO plan can achieve not just top 10 rankings but number 1 rankings. Getting a number 1 ranking for any industry means more business and more income!
Keyword Phrase Positions
Plastic Surgery Thailand 2nd
Plastic Surgery Bangkok 2nd
Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok 4th
Liposuction Bangkok 2nd
Liposuction Thailand 2nd & 8th
Breast Augmentation Bangkok 4th
Breast Implants Bangkok 5th
In our opinion the 2nd most competitive industry for trying to get high Google rankings within Thailand would be the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry. Previously Naravee had barely any top 10 rankings and the previous "SEO company" hadn't built any authority to the website at all. After 9 months of SEO we've been able to get top 10 rankings for all major keywords and increase traffic from free Google search 50-35% every 3 months.
Keyword Phrase Positions
Bangkok Boutique Hotels 4th
Bangkok Boutique Hotel 6th
Bangkok Riverside Hotel 4th
In our opinion the hotel industry is the most competitive industry for trying to get high Google rankings within Thailand. Previously Praya Palazzo had no rankings in the top 20 of Google, after just 1 month in our SEO campaign we have been able to get Praya Palazzo into the top 10 (the first page) for two highly qualified keywords.
Keyword Phrase Positions
Shop Houses Bangkok 1st & 2nd
Shop House For Sale Bangkok 3rd
Shophouses For Sale In Bangkok 2nd
Shop House For Rent Bangkok 4th
With high rankings from adequte onsite SEO, is able to generate multiple inqueries every month, for free, by people who are geuinely interested in buying and renting shop houses in Bangkok.


Our SEO Plans

[more info]InformationSmall Office / Home OfficeThis plan is perfect for small businesses that are looking to build up their website's relevance and importance in Google but do not have a tremendous amount of money to spend. With this kind of budget we're able to get your website going in the right direction SEO wise and get your website ranking for less competitive terms.

Results Guaranteed! - With all of our plans we guarantee positive results and growth or your money back!

Local Business
[more info]InformationLocal BusinessThis plan is suitable for small local businesses who are providing local services that are not too competitive online. Clients that may be interested in this plan may already be advertising offline and are looking to boost their business by generating sales through their website with effective SEO.

Get the edge over your competitors with out the hefty price tag of other advertising platforms like TV, Radio & News Papers

Results Guaranteed! - With all of our plans we guarantee positive results and growth or your money back!

Medium Business
[more info]InformationMedium BusinessFor local businesses who are in a slightly more competitive industry and can dedicate a larger budget for their online marketing. With this kind of budget we can effectively build authority back to your website, optimize more pages and get your website ranking higher in Google for more keywords than what the smaller budget plans offer.

Results Guaranteed! - With all of our plans we guarantee positive results and growth or your money back!

Large Business
[more info]InformationLarge BusinessThis plan is suitable for companies that are in more competitive industries and want to rank on the first page of Google for multiple search phrases that are local & national. With more budget we can optimize more pages and build authority to more pages allow them to rank higher in search engines for more keywords.

Marketing Bangkok will modify your current website and perform SEO tasks throughout each month to push your website to the Top 10 for keywords relating to your business.

Results Guaranteed! - With all of our plans we guarantee positive results and growth or your money back!

[more info]InformationEnterpriseThis is our ultimate plan which is suitable for large companies who are serious about search engine optimization and online marketing.

Companies who may be interested in this plan may also be looking to potentially employ a full time SEO employee. Rather than employing someone full time you can hire Marketing Bangkok. This eliminates a lot of risked involved with employing someone who may not be reliable, not good for the job, and not have access to as much resources as a whole company that focuses just on SEO.

This is perfect for companies who are competing against other large companies for international business in competitive online industries such as Hotel, Dental, Plastic Surgery, Law, Travel, etc..

To achieve rankings for keywords in competitive industries we usually have to go up against other companies also hiring an SEO firm. So to guarantee results for our clients we need to spend more time and resources to oust your competitors rankings on Google.

Results Guaranteed! - With all of our plans we guarantee positive results and growth or your money back!

  Monthly Fees   10,000 THB 15,000 THB 25,000 THB 35,000 THB 50,000 THB  
  Contract Term (Months)   3 3 3 3 3
  Search Engine Optimization              
  Keyword Research [?]InformationKeyword ResearchWe will research and find the most suitable, relevant keywords for your website that will bring you the most qualified targeted traffic that will most likely result in generating a lead or sale.


  Competitor Analysis [?]InformationCompetitor AnalysisMarketing Bangkok will analyze and research your competitors to answer questions like "What strategies are they using?" and "Where are they building their links?".  
  Onsite Search Engine Optimization [?]InformationOnsite SEOOur website developers will go through your important web pages and optimize them to be read more effectively by search engines.

When Google bot's come to your website they check over 200 different aspects about your website and use this as a basis to determine how your website should rank.


  3 6 10 20 25
  Content Distribution [?]InformationContent DistributionWe will take content produced for your website and submit it to our large distribution list. We can distribute Articles, Videos, Podcasts, & Press Releases.  
  Article Writing [?]InformationArticle WritingOur staff will create unique pieces of content each month to distribute around the web to build back links which will increase your websites authority.

Marketing Bangkok has a large regularly maintained database of websites where we can get valuable, high quality, legitimate link backs.
  2 / Month 3 / Month 5 / Month 7 / Month 12 / Month
  Blog Writing / Posting [?]InformationBloggingWe will maintain a blog on your website by writing new 300 word pieces of content. The benefits of regularly updating your blog are:
  • Grows your website's size increasing your websites authority
  • Shows Google you are constantly adding new content giving more of a reason for visitors to visit your website
  • More opportunities to rank for content otherwise not found on your site
  • Interesting content for your visitors to read


  0 1 / Month 2 / Month 4 / Month 8 / Month
  Press Release Creation & Distribution [?]InformationPress Releases Each month we will write new press releases to distribute throughout the internet using different services both free and paid.   0 0 1 1 2
  Social Bookmarking + Incorporation [?]InformationSocial BookmarkingWe will submit different pieces of your content to our list of 40+ Social Bookmarking sites. We will also add a Social Bookmarking button to your website pages.


  Local Places Setup + Optimization [?]InformationGoogle PlacesWe will setup and optimize your Google Local Places listing to rank high for local searches.



  Link Building [?]InformationLink BuildingWe have dedicated staff to find and build relevant high quality LEGITIMATE links back to your website. This will help increase the authority of your website as each link back to your website will increase your page rank and importance to Google.  
  Man-Hours [?]InformationMan-HoursDepending on your plan, Marketing Bangkok will dedicate a certain amount of man hours each month to your campaign.

With more time spent on SEO each month we will be able to achieve better results against tougher competition, we will also be able to build more authority to your website pages at a faster rate.
  10 Hours / Month 15 Hours / Month 30 Hours / Month 40 Hours / Month 60 Hours / Month
  Monthly Report [?]InformationMonthly ReportEach month we will send a detailed report that will give you an exact idea how your SEO campaign is going. Each report will contain the following information:
  • Work log - a complete log detailing work and time spent
  • Keyword ranking movement
  • Keyword movement comparison
  • Traffic analysis
  • Link building process
  • Google & Yahoo link data
  • Report Summary


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Invest In SEO?

SEO is not cheap and the full results cannot be fully appreciated instantly like when running a pay per click ad campaign. However SEO is different from running ads, online & offline. When your ad stops running you stop getting business, however after you invest in a 3 month or 6 month campaign and choose to stop it, or downsize the campaign, the results will long remain.

SEO is really the art of building your website's authority up so that it appears more important than your competitor. After you have Marketing Bangkok working hard on your SEO campaign that authority and importance built to your website simply will not disappear day, week, or month you stop your campaign. If your competitors are using a decent SEO company they will eventually catch up and your positions on Google will slowly decrease but the effects of the original SEO campaign will forever be seen.

What Makes Marketing Bangkok's SEO Better Than Other Companies?

There are many shortcuts when performing search engine optimization, just as there are shortcuts in building a house. Whilst you may build the house faster, and reach your goal faster, it is very likely in the future that house will have problems.

There are many ways to trick search engine spiders and get one up on search algorithms. However using such tricks will get your website black listed by Google and removed from the search engine. There are plenty of people who claim to be search engine professionals, but clearly do damaging work like jamming keywords into pages, or spamming to build links. In Thailand we've witnessed a large amount of other SEO companies put links for their clients on their own resources to get a high ranking and then strip the clients of these links (links = authority) after they decide to put the SEO campaign on hold.

Marketing Bangkok has a solid track record, we can show you many examples of our work and how we've helped other companies. We only perform white hat SEO that complies with Google's policies. All of the links we build to your website will remain even if you decide to stop your campaign. We pride our self's on creating ton's of unique content and using link baiting strategies rather than spam blogs and forums for low quality links.

Simply put, Marketing Bangkok is one of the few quality SEO firms in Thailand & South East Asia with proven results. All it takes is one meeting with our team to see how we are different than every other company in the region.

Your Prices Seem Expensive. Why Shouldn't I Go With A Cheaper Online Indian SEO Firm Perhaps?

We've had countless meetings where this question has come up. We're happy to research and point out the flaws of any SEO company named to us (providing they are providing a poor service).

Cheaper companies use cheaper methods, rather than hard manual skilled work. Indian companies for instance will use automatic submission software that will take one article and spam it around the internet. They will then use automatic software to spin, which means automatically re-write (always very poor quality) the article into several different variations then spam it around.

Other strategies of such companies include spamming blog comments, forums, & poor link exchanges. And at the end of your campaign you will find that you have really built any genuine authority to your website, essentially wasting your money for someone to help get your website blacklisted.

If you would like to know any more information about our SEO services please email, or call +6682-489-3676.

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