New KIS Website Live

Managing Director

30 / Sep / 2016

We recently launched the new KIS International School website. The website is built on Drupal 7, using Bootstrap base theme to power our custom designed theme. We first built KIS's website almost 5 years ago! With a few upgrades over the years, it was time for an overhaul and complete redesign and development. You can learn more about our web design and development services here.

Take a look at the live project here,

06 Feb 2017
Recently Marketing Bangkok launched a new website for the United Nations, the project is the PPP Qualitative Value-For-Money Toolkit.
03 Aug 2010
For as long as there have been search engines, there has been SEO (search engine optimization).
09 May 2016
Recently we completed 3 new Drupal website projects for the United Nations to be used by the Bhutan, Cambodia and Myanmar governments.