Now Google AdWords Certified Partner Company

Managing Director

06 / Jul / 2011

Marketing Bangkok has successfully fulfilled all of the requirements to become a Google AdWords Certified Partner Company, you can view our new status here. This means that we have taken all the necessary exams and met the requirements for successfully managing more than $10,000 in advertisements over a period of 90days.

What does this mean for you? Well when you choose us to setup and manage your pay-per-click ads, you are choosing one of very few qualified companies in Thailand. You can have peace of mind that your AdWords are in good hands. We will setup ads that will bring in the most qualified traffic, and we also offer advanced services such as split testing and conversion tracking.

To find out more about our Google AdWords services please visit our Google AdWords pay-per-click page

Update: Marketing Bangkok is now a Google Premier Partner Company (the highest tier of agency partnership with Google).

Google Premier Partner

06 Feb 2017
Recently Marketing Bangkok launched a new website for the United Nations, the project is the PPP Qualitative Value-For-Money Toolkit.
03 Aug 2010
For as long as there have been search engines, there has been SEO (search engine optimization).
09 May 2016
Recently we completed 3 new Drupal website projects for the United Nations to be used by the Bhutan, Cambodia and Myanmar governments.