Recent Project for United Nations RCM

Managing Director

07 / Apr / 2017

Late last year we completed a website development project for the United Nations for the Asia-Pacific Regional Coordination mechanism. You can see the website we built on Drupal 7 here,

This project links content relating to the various Thematic Working Groups and Sustainable Development Goals the UNRCM has. For example if a user needs to see the Publications, Events, and Meetings for a Thematic Working Group they can browse to, If a user wants to see the Publications, Events relating to a Sustainable Development Goal, they can go to a page like and see the related content.

20 Mar 2018
This past Saturday the Marketing Bangkok team got to visit the Baannokkamin Foundation, which cares for orphans, street / homeless children here in Bangkok.
04 Dec 2010
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29 Nov 2010
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