Completion of 2 United Nations Drupal 9 Websites

Managing Director

Recently our team designed, and developed two new websites for the United Nations. Both websites were developed on the latest Drupal 9 content management system.

UN HLPFUN Publications

The first project was for the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development, the live website can be viewed here, We have also documented some of the features of the project in our portfolio here. This was a large multi-month project combining a few websites older websites, into one Drupal 9 website.

Every year the UN hosts the HLPF event, and each year gets it's own micro-website within the same website. We setup HLPF website so that users can easily create new yearly sections that correlate to the HLPF event year. You can see the yearly micro-website here for 2022.

The second project was a publications repository for the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), the live website can be viewed here, This project holds all of DESA's publications. When users download a publication, the download is logged in the backend so UN staff can see which publications are popular. We also developed a survey system whereby after downloading a publication, the user can elect to participate in a survey either immediately, or receive an email in 2 weeks to then participate. This information is used to gauge how useful the publication was to the user.

Training was provided to UN staff members after completion of both projects, and now each website is updated internally by these staff members. This highlights how easy it is to use websites developed on Drupal 9 CMS.

  • HLPF Homepage
    HLPF Homepage
  • HLPF Homepage
    HLPF Homepage
  • 2022 Homepage
    2022 Homepage
  • DESA Publications Homepage
    DESA Publications Homepage
  • DESA Publication Detail Page
    DESA Publication Detail Page
  • Survey Popup after download
    Survey Popup after download

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