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TikTok is a new, fast growing marketing channel that provides exceptional targeting especially to younger demographics who like to watch short form video content. Marketing Bangkok can help you reach this demographic and others with creative short video development, advertising management, strategic planning, and comprehensive tracking of results to create brand recognition that lead to sustainable sales.
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TikTok Marketing Bangkok, Thailand

Influencer Marketing
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Content Creation
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Creating Good Visual Experiences with Your Target Demographics, Naturally

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Native Experience

Seamlessly blends in with other user content in the "For You" feed with the same format.

Flexible Buying Options

An all-round player that suits budgets big and small – adaptable to all kinds of media plans.

Smart Ad Optimization with AI

Utilizing AI systems to help process variables in advertising to improve bidding and ROI of each campaign making marketing on TikTok more cost-effective.
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TikTok Marketing Management

Since 2009, Marketing Bangkok has been developing creative contents for clients both locally and internationally to promote and build their businesses brand on social media platforms. With an experienced in-house team of online marketers and creative designers, we create content with a purpose. Our content is attractive, unique, build brand awareness and converts potential customers into new customers.

We are an official TikTok marketing agency and working closely with our clients, we develop a content strategy that will engage with their existing customers, appeal to potential customers, highlight their products or services and help build their brand online.

TikTok Agency Bootcamp

Our TikTok Service

TikTok Agency

Create TikTok account for client, or optimize clients existing account.

Analyze your products & services to develop a video content strategy that highlights your companies strengths.

Develop post calendar and populate with creative video content.

Manage & post video content onto your TikTok account on strategic dates & times.

Develop advertising strategy & advertisements, with target audience analysis.

Consulting directly with TikTok to improve & optimize your campaigns.

Optimize advertising campaigns with machine learning.

Deliver clear, measurable reports that highlight campaign performance.

Our Clients

Why Marketing Bangkok?

Professional, Experienced Team

We have an experienced in-house team of marketers and creatives.

14 Years Strong

Founded in 2009, we have been delivering exceptional results for over 14 years.

Vast Client Base

We have experience delivering campaigns for large multi-national companies like CP Foods, FUJIFILM, Chang Beer, AIG, Manulife and many more.

Service Minded

Whilst we work with many big brands and international companies, we love to apply our knowledge and expertise to elevate local businesses.

Digital Marketing Synchronization

As a full-scope digital marketing service provider, we can synchronize your social media with other marketing channels.

Trusted & Reliable

Marketing Bangkok has earned the trust of many clients by delivering high quality work with great results.

Frequently asked questions about TikTok marketing

Is it accessible only to teenagers?

When TikTok first launched, the application quickly gained popularity with teen users, who made up a large portion of their userbase. However, research from October 2021 showed that the average age of TikTok users is steadily increasing and the userbase had 40% uses who were 18 - 24 years old, 36% that were 25 - 34 years old, and 14% of users were 35 - 44 years old. The application has a large portion of working-age groups, who have higher purchasing power using TikTok.

What are the strengths of TikTok and why should you advertise on TikTok?

TikTok is the global leader in mobile short videos, and the number of users is constantly increasing due to the growing trend of short formed video content. As a relatively new platform, there is still lower advertising cost because there are not as many competitors as older more established social media platforms. In addition, TikTok users are entertained by funny video clips, giving them a positive effect on the feeling of the brand. Moreover, research from Nielsen in 2020 also found that 50% of TikTok users discovered a new product from using the application, and 71% agreed that TikTok inspired them to buy said product.

Advertising on TikTok only get video views?

Video views are just one of the advertising objectives on TikTok. In fact, ads on TikTok can be set for various purposes, such as increasing the number of website visitors, application installs, engagements, lead generation, conversions, or even completed purchases. Marketing Bangkok will work with your team to develop an effective TikTok strategy that will deliver the best ROI for your business.

See Some of Our TikTok Work Below

We utilize TikTok to its full potential by developing creative video and animated content for our clients pages, and through the engagement with influencers to create engaging, fun content that helps promote our clients products and services to their fanbase. We then develop comprehensive advertising campaigns to push our ads and content to target demographics.

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