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For over 15 years Marketing Bangkok has been providing Facebook marketing & advertising solutions to big and small businesses with exceptional results!
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Facebook Advertising Bangkok, Thailand

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With over 2 billion users on Facebook worldwide and over 26 million people using the platform in Thailand, Facebook should be a part of every businesses marketing strategy. As the popularity and usage of Facebook has grown over the years, so has the competition for clicks, likes, and views. With changes to the platform's organic views, running ads on Facebook to generate more engagement has become a necessity. This is not all bad though, because Facebook's advertising platform holds many advantages over platforms like Google Ads, where the focus is predominantly on keywords. Facebook's advantage is in the user data. With so much user information and data, Facebook ad campaigns can be targeted to very specific users. Targeting options including demographics, location, interests, and online activity make it possible to reach users with the highest potential of converting into paying customers.

Why hire Marketing Bangkok to manage your Facebook marketing?

We have been creating content and running Facebook ad campaigns since our company’s inception back in 2009. In this time Facebook has gone through many changes as the platform matured and user base grew. With our 10+ years of experience, we have worked with many businesses in various industries, running their ads and managing their creative content. We have also organized many events, giveaways, and competitions, all while building engagement and growing their brands on Facebook.

Marketing Bangkok creates results driven campaigns that will generate leads, engage with users and build up our clients brands online.

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Facebook Marketing FAQ

Why should we hire an agency to manage our Facebook marketing?

Many users are familiar with Facebook and believe that they can run an effective Facebook marketing campaign internally, and while you may succeed, hiring an agency like Marketing Bangkok has many advantages. Our talented team consists of graphic designers, content creators, advertising specialists, and developers. We have worked on campaigns for a number of businesses across different industries and countries. To replicate the work that Marketing Bangkok is able to do, you simply cannot hire one or two people. This makes it not only more affordable, but the chance of better results much higher.

What regions does Marketing Bangkok serve?

We may be located in Bangkok, Thailand, and specialize in English and Thai language campaigns, but we have experience in running Facebook marketing campaigns in other languages in countries all across the world. For campaigns not in English or Thai, we work with local translators to help convert our ads and content for that market.

Is Facebook right for my business?

Facebook works great for a large number of business types. For most local businesses, the main benefit is we can target ads to potential customers within a certain radius around your locations. For online businesses we can target potential customers based off of their demographics and online activities. For large multi-national brands we can help manage ads and create content that engages with your local and international customers. Facebook is a great marketing channel alternative to relying solely on Google for your online marketing needs.

How much will it cost to manage my Facebook campaign?

The cost really depends on exactly what services you require from Marketing Bangkok. For Facebook we focus on two main services, advertising and content creation. Then it comes down to how many campaigns you need to run, and how many pieces of content you need each week. To find out more, simply request a proposal from us and we can learn more about your businesses individual requirements.