LinkedIn Marketing Bangkok, Thailand

Advertise direct to business professionals and decision markers with powerful demographic targeting.

LinkedIn Marketing Bangkok, Thailand

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LinkedIn as a marketing channel

LinkedIn is the leading B2B social media network with a user base of over 500 million businesses and professionals using the platform. Unlike other channels, LinkedIn offers the unique ability to target professionals and decision markers, making it the perfect marketing channel for B2B companies to acquire new leads. LinkedIn users are focused strictly on business, and 50% of them are earning over $75,000 a year. Half of all users have a college degree, 40 million are decision makers, and 61 million are considered senior-level influencers. It is the most used social media platform among Fortune 500 companies.

Back in 2016, Microsoft saw the potential of LinkedIn and purchased it for $26.2 billion.

How can LinkedIn help your business?

LinkedIn works best for specific B2B marketing campaigns where running ads on Google or Facebook is not going to reach the right target demographic. By running our ads on LinkedIn, we can get them displayed in front of the decision makers of your target industry. LinkedIn is not just for running ads; we help our clients with the management of their LinkedIn pages as well, creating content and monitoring the account.

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