Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Marketing Bangkok works with partners and agencies from all around the world to deliver digital marketing and development services. With over 10 years experience working with leading brands and SME’s from all industries, we offer our expertise to our partners so they may add value to their clients or contacts, and earn additional income. We accept referrals, but can also assist our partners with initial pitching, securing digital service contracts, and then delivering on services such as;

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Social Media Creative Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Hosting & Server Management
  • Application Design & Development

We pay a competitive referral fees and profit sharing with our partners.

Not only do we work with other large agencies, we also work with individuals who have marketing or development leads, allowing our individual partners to earn additional income without having to pitch, manage or deliver on any services. Simply contact us for more information on how we can work together.


Partnership Program with Marketing Bangkok

Competitive profit sharing

Established in 2009

Goolge & Facebook Partner Agency

Offering full 360-scope of Digital Services

In-house team of creatives, designers, marketers and developers.

Extensive portfolio of leading brands, organizations and companies.

Experienced in pitching & securing contract with local and large multinational companies.

Exceptional results, resulting in long lasting relationships and contracts.

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Our Diverse & Established Portfolio

Social Media Marketing
United Nations
Drupal Website Development, Website Design & Development
The Crown Property Bureau
Drupal Website Development, Website Design & Development, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance & Support
Sunway University
Drupal Website Development, Website Design & Development, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance & Support
Thonburi Healthcare Group
Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing
Website Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Circle K
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)